Planetary stand mixer

Every culinary challenge is taken. 4 mixing attachments: beater, spatula beater, whisk and dough hook
Inspired by commercial mixing machines: the mixing attachment rotates whilst travelling around the inside of the bowl
12 electronic speeds shown on LCD display and Pause button for convenient adding of ingredients while mixing
5 years guarantee for a powerful 1000 W torque control motor
The Rohaus Planetary Stand Mixer is designed with quality die-cast metal components, includes many features that make mixing at home easy, and allows cooking as a professional chef.
Stainless Steel
1000 W
4.5 L
Speed settings
Pause button
LCD display with timer
Die-cast beater
Dough hook
Spatula beater
Slow start
Planetary stand mixer
Slow start
Slow start
The mixing speed is gradually increased to prevent ingredients splashing out of the mixing bowl.
Cord storage
Cord storage
For added convenience the unused cord length can easily be pushed into the base of the mixer for storage.
Full die-cast metal body with sintered metal gears
The heavy duty die-cast metal body combined with sintered metal gears deliver quality, style and superior performance.
Planetary mixing action. Splash guard with pouring chute
Enables the mixing attachment (beater, spatula beater, whisk or dough hook) to rotate whilst travelling around the inside of the bowl, and reach all areas of the bowl ensuring ingredients are completely mixed.
Splash-guard prevents ingredients from spilling out of the mixing bowl. The pouring chute allows adding ingredients directly into the mixing bowl without having to stop the mixer and lifting the mixer head.
Stainless steel mixing bowl
The 4.5L litre mixing bowl is ideal for mixing large or small quantities of ingredients. It features a handle for ease of use.
Pause / Start button. Speed control dial with 12 variable settings
Allows you to instantly stop the mixer to assess the mixing progress and/or add additional ingredients without af ecting the timer.
The combination of 12 electronic speeds and a powerful torque control motor ensures superior mixing control and maintains speed, regardless of the mixing load.
Carrying grips
Grips at both sides of the mixer base allow for easy carrying.
LCD screen with timer. Buttons
LCD screen displays mixing time and speed setting. Timer function can be set to count up or down as required.
“+” and “–” buttons can be used to choose the desired mixing duration, or to set the kitchen timer.
Head release with in-built safety feature
The mixer head can be easily released and lifted with one hand. It tilts upwards and locks securely into position to allow easy insertion and removal of the mixing bowl and attachments. The in-built safety feature ensures that the mixer only starts when the mixer head is tilted downwards and securely locked in. Lifting the mixer head during the mixing process will automatically cut power to the motor.
Spatula beater. Die-cast alloy dough hook
Spatula beater excels at combining ingredients and simultaneously scrapes the sides and the bottom of the mixing bowl, virtually eliminating hand-scraping and batter build-up on the blade. Superior bowl clearance also makes this attachment ideal for smaller mixing quantities.
Die-cast alloy dough hook takes the hard work out of kneading dough and other heavy mixtures.
Die-cast alloy beater. Stainless steel whis
Provides maximum aeration for creaming butter and sugar, and is also ideal for mixing heavy cake mixes.
Perfect for whisking cream, egg whites, light batters and packet cake mixes.