Food processor

Will help to cook any dish: 6 attachments for processing any kind of products
The Auto Pulse function provides short bursts of processing for a limited time, ideal for bread or biscuit crumbs.
Unique convenience. The on-board drawer allows storing all attachments
Powerful induction 1400 W motor with unique 10 years guarantee
The Rohaus Food Processor is designed with durable stainless steel components and includes pre-programmed controls that together with set of functional accessories provide ultimate performance result, while unique feature of 2 processing bowls working at the same time allows to significantly speed up the cooking process of multi-ingredient dishes.
1400 W
Chute width
140 mm
Auto Pulse
Universal S-blades
Variable slicing blade
Julienne disc
Reversible shredding disc
Fine / Coarse
Reversible grating and shaving disc
Fine / Coarse
The on-board drawer
2 bowls
2 L, 400 ml
Food processor
1400 watt induction motor
1400 watt induction motor
The die-cast base houses a powerful 1400 watt motor. This motor is ideal for high load applications during processing, and provides a greater starting strength whilst maintaining speed throughout. The Rohaus Food Processor motor is reliable, quiet, will provide a long life and is backed by a 10 year guarantee.
Processing cover
The processing cover or lid of bowl provides a safety feature to the appliance. The appliance will not operate unless the bowl, cover and large feed pusher are correctly positioned and locked into place.
START/STOP button. Auto Pulse. Pulse
For easy use the START/STOP button starts and stops the operation of the food processor.
The Auto Pulse function is a clever and versatile feature providing short bursts of processing, for a set length of time. Creating bread or biscuit crumbs couldn’t be easier.
The control panel includes a Pulse function for optimum cutting precision during processing.
Storage drawer
The unique drawer design enables attachments to be stored conveniently, and safely, within the appliance when not in use.
Non-slip feet
Keeps the food processor secure on the bench top during use.
Food Pushers
The food pushers assist in guiding the food through the chute to ensure ingredients hit the blade vertically for best processing results. Three food pushers are included, depending on the size of the chute being used and the size of foods. For thinner foods, use the smaller internal pusher for consistent even slicing. This pusher also doubles as a measuring cup.
Wide Chute. Chute Safety Feature
At 14 cm’s wide, the extra wide chute eliminates the need to cut most ingredients, to fi into the chute. Guide ingredients through the chute into the selected blades. Additional ingredients can be added during other processing tasks.
The wide chute pusher provides a safety interlock feature to the appliance. The motor will not operate unless the bowl and lid are correctly locked in position, and the large feed pusher is inserted.
Drives all the food processing attachments. The spindle must be in place to operate the food processor.
Processing bowl with handle. Second processing bowl
Large 2 litre capacity processing bowl. The handle of the processing bowl includes a patent-pending robust stainless steel interlock that prevents food catching and building up, ensuring easy cleaning.
The smaller processing bowl is ideal for small amounts of ingredients. At 400ml in volume, this bowl is perfect for chopping nuts, creating pesto or chopping herbs.
Variable slicing blade. Julienne disc
The variable stainless steel slicing blade allows foods to be sliced to a variety of thickness’s, up to 7mm. This blade can not be used in the small processing bowl.
The stainless steel julienne blade is perfect for achieving consistent julienne cut food, perfect for salad, stir fry or garnishing.
Reversible shredding disc — fie and coarse. Reversible grating and shaving disc
Ideal control, the reversible stainless steel shredding blades allow for the choice of fie or coarse results.
Unique to processing is the shaving blade. It does lovely thin flkes, great for parmesan and sweet potato crisps. The alternate side is ideal for hard cheeses and chocolate.
Universal ‘s’ blade
Stainless steel smooth edged processing blade is designed for cutting, kneading, whisking and emulsifying. The second smaller ‘s’ blade is suitable for the smaller bowl.